Landscape Gardening

We attain your ideal using economical designs
and construction to achieve beautiful landscapes
and durability.

As the importance of nature is being considered, landscape gardening techniques in town development is an area which is increasingly required. OCEAN works on the development of new techniques including park greening projects and rooftop gardens by using landscape gardening techniques which have been developed since our inauguration and responds to expectations whether from corporate or individual clients as a consultant and builder of gardens which the customers seek.

What only OCEAN can do

Because it is a one stop service, economic efficiency is high and we can provide a maintenance service after construction for many years to come.


Planning, design, construction and maintenance of parks

We support to create beautiful gardens from large gardens to medium/small gardens.

Lifestyles and preferences of customers vary. OCEAN, as a landscape gardening specialist, make a suggestion in a broad context based on requests from the customers.
Our motto is to create long-loved gardens paying particular attention to choosing the right trees, even if it's just a single tree.

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Planning, design, construction and maintenance of gardens

Colorfully representing aspects of four seasons. Excelling at collective design.

Parks are relaxing spaces where city people can feel changes of seasons and forget the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
OCEAN carries out projects collectively from planning to construction and maintenance of greening parks by using wide experiences and adopting the latest technologies and information at all times.
We suggest and achieve creating parks which are fun places for children and relaxing places for adults.

Landscape Gardening photo 2 OCEAN is a professional group!