Construction Results

Main Construction Results of Construction Projects, Landscape Gardening and Special Construction

Construction Projects

New construction work of the condominium

New construction work of Sakura Pharmacy

Repair work of the hair salon

Repair work of Fudo Elementary School

New construction work of the building

Other Main Results

・New construction work of GranDuo Sangenjaya
・Improvement work of the parking at Higashinoin
・Waterproofing work of the balcony of the office building of the main temple
・Side ditch installation work for Ayatomo Shoemaker
・Leakage repair work of Shibuya Pine Building
・Repair work of Daizo-ji
・New construction work of Roppongi Cigarette Building
・Repair work of Wakabayashi Dispensing Pharmacy
・Reinforcement work for water leakage of TM Apartment
・Concrete form work of the new house in 2-chome, Kichijyo-ji honcho, etc.

Landscape Gardening

Management of the planting area in Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum

Improvement work of Roppingi Symbol Road

Greening outside work of Ikegami Honmon-ji

Outer fence repair work of Kyu-Furukawa Gardens

Fundamental and environmental improvement work of Tokyo Institute of Technology

Other Main Results

・Open space improvement work of Aoyama Cemetery
・Landscaping work of Shikisai-no-oka
・Greening outside work in South Tama area
・Improvement work of Meguro-ku Municipal Shimizu-Ike Park
・Expansion and improvement work of Meguro-ku Municipal Isewaki Park
・House site improvement work in Minamisuna
・Improvement work of the western park in Inokashira Park
・Improvement work of Senzokuike Park
・Improvement work of Jiyugaoka Park, etc.

Special Construction

New construction of the roadside shelter from falling rocks

Road improvement work

EPS work of the toll road

Improvement outside work of the intersection

Embankment in Tokyo Harumi area
B Block reclamation preparation work

Road facility improvement work

Imitation stone work

Imitation stone work

Other Main Results

・Solid viaduct construction work
・Road improvement work
・Wall removal work for Aoyama Hospital
・Grease trap removal work for Shimohusa Air Base
・Satellite property line in Haneda Airport
・Improvement work of Shonen Hiroba in Tatsumi Seaside Park
・No.1 construction section of the construction road in Nagayasuguchi Dam
・Road improvement work of the south area of Tagajyo IC
・EPS work of Ageo Road
・EPS work in Kitashinagawa area
・Redevelopment work in Tamachi area, etc.