Special Construction

Construction in challenging environments
with difficult conditions.
We can take care of that.

Railroad construction, road expansion, river works, dam construction, restoration of natural landscapes... We perform special construction works with unique methods, which is in step with the times, by quickly adopting special technologies and methods to maintain the landscape or strength of structures. We contribute to town development where residents can be assured that Japanese social capital is protected.

For road expansion, railroad construction, river soil erosion control developments and dam construction

EPS Construction Method

In EPS Construction Method (Expanded Polystyrol Construction Method), large blocks are piled up and unified as embankment materials. This construction method is to effectively use features of EPS, such as ultra-lightness, compressive resistance, durability and self-standing when piled up.

EPS Construction Method
Main characteristics and advantages

● Reduction of load and earth pressureEffective for reduction of load and earth pressures for embankments on soft ground or landslide areas, slope widening embankments, back embankments of structure, etc.● Concerns about the surrounding environment, etc.Because we do not need large construction machinery, concerns about important neighboring structures and the surrounding environment are eased.● Conservation of natural environmentBecause changing landforms is kept to a minimum, this construction method can contribute to the conservation of the natural environment while planning routes in mountains and during the construction of earth structures.● Shortening construction period and reducing construction costBecause it has a good workability and ground treatment, temporary works and maintenance after completion are simplified, construction period can be shorten and construction cost can be reduced for the whole project.

EPS Construction Method

Entrust us for production of imitation stones and restoration of the natural environment

Imitation stone work

This work is the most appropriate work for a site where the natural landscape should be kept. It is an OCEAN's special construction to produce imitation stones, which you would not believe are artificial, with our unique know-how and embed them into nature naturally.

Main characteristics and advantages

Because we shape the imitation stones by mold made from natural stones to create exclusive panels, the reproducibility of the imitation stone work is very high and the imitation stones have the same material feel as the real stones. The work restriction on construction surfaces is kept to a bare minimum as large concavity and convexity can be represented depending on panel combination.Because inorganic pigments are kneaded into the imitation stones, they have good coloring and scratches on the surface are hard to spot after attrition.

Imitation stone work

For security improvement of hand-holes which optical fiber cables are passed in

Manhole Inner Cover Construction Method

OCEAN's Manhole Inner Cover Construction Method which is a technique to support the security of information technology infrastructure project using optical cables by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism has achieved the number of satisfactory results.
Currently, most of our satisfactory results are from the optical cable security improvement of the information box by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. We will keep working on not only the security improvement of the information box, but also the security improvement of all hand-holes which important optical fiber cables are passed in.
※This construction method is already registered in New Technology Information System (NETIS) KK-030028