Construction Projects

Creating houses and towns.
Architecture creates societies and histories,
and also is to protect precious lives.

In the construction projects, we demonstrate our unique techniques and know-how and carry out the work collectively by integrating civil engineering and landscape gardening to construct facilities, infrastructures, houses and buildings.

What only OCEAN can do.We cover from produce to completion of new construction and repair works with unfavorably urban locations, especially in a narrow site in good faith. OCEAN creating towns OCEAN's Project Flow

New construction

New house, condominium and building construction

We suggest a plan which is suitable and has the right characteristic for the landscape or townscape for all construction projects including detached houses, condominiums, buildings and shops. Understand the needs of clients is foremost.
We strive to embody clients' ideals empathically during design and construction phases through to delivery.

New house, condominium and building construction Photos

Repair work

Interior and exterior repair work of school and building

We have achieved very satisfactory results of school repair works led by government offices and also done various repair works including extensions and interior or exterior repair works of public buildings using high level techniques and know-how.
We suggest and achieve renewals and renovations to meet the customers' needs.