OCEAN Co., LTD. We are a professional group harmonizing people with nature through our technical capabilities.

  • OCEAN Human and the Natural Harmony SINCE 1973
  • Professionals at creating peaceful gardens
  • Civil engineering and construction professionals inspired by nature
  • Architectural professionals enriching life

OCEAN contributes to you
by manufacturing harmonizing with nature, environment and time.

Houses, buildings, landscape facilities, flood control facilities, road, infrastructure equipment… Humans have been creating such architectural structures since ancient times. However, nowadays we see a lot of architectural structures which damage the natural environment and do not reach our hearts as we place too much significance on efficiency. We, OCEAN, make the use of landscape gardening techniques and special construction techniques learning from the richness of nature and maintain the concept of harmony with the environment to meet the architectural needs of next generation for soothing the souls of humans.

Construction Projects
Landscape Gardening
Special Construction